Kaal Sarp Dosh Puja

There Are Lots Of Benefits Of Kaal Sarp Shanti, Few Are Mentioned Below.
1. This Dosh Can Be Wiped Out From Life Once Person Performs The Kalsharp Shanti .
2. This Helps In Getting Blessing From Rahu And Ketu .
3. This Helps In Increase In Positivity, Good Health And Wealth.
4. It Makes A Person Very Sincere And Positive Towards His – Her Activities .

Maha Mrityunjaya Navgrah Puja

Benefits Of Maha Mrityunjaya Jaap Pooja
1. Firstly, Demolishes All Evil Outcomes In Your Life.
2. Secondly, It Helps You Be More Potential And Get Professional Success.
3. Also, Boost Your Health.
4. Further, It Generates Protection Over You And Your Family.

Rudra Abhishek Puja

Rudrabhishek Puja Benefits
1. Firstly, To Decrease The Adverse Effect Of The Aggrieved Moon.
2. Secondly, To Decrease The Adverse Effect Of The Different Nakshatras And Make It Strong And Helpful.
3. Further, For Bringing Harmony And Wealth.
4. Moreover, Taking Away The Negativities, Cleaning The Bad Karma & Giving Protection In Life.

Naryan Nagvali Vidhi Puja

There Are So Many Benefits Of Narayan Nagbali Puja; Some Are Described Below:
1. The Best Advantage Of Narayan Nagbali Puja Is To Get Satisfaction And Positive Vibes In The Whole Family.
2. It Gives Good Health And Success In Life Or Education.
3. Narayan Nagbali Puja Helps In Fulfilling Dreams Of Business Or Career.
4. Puja Is Performed For A Couple Who Have Difficulties In Having Kids/ Children.


Vastu Shanti Puja Offers Various Benefits To People Who Perform This Worship In Their Homes Or Workspaces. They Are As Follows –

1. Vastu Shanti Puja Eliminates Any Kind Of Health And Wealth Issues.
2. It Helps In Removing The Negative Impacts Of The Planets On The Horoscope.
3.The Worship Helps In Improving The Relationship Between The Family Members.
4. It Eliminates All Kinds Of Hurdles In Career, Marriage Or Any Other Areas Of Life.

Navgrah Puja

Benefits Of Navgraha Puja
1. This Puja Promotes Strength And Courage, Victory Over Enemies, Success And Prosperity. 2. This Puja Is Beneficial For Mental Peace, Wealth, Fame, Charming Personality And Success In Life. 3. Navgraha Puja Offers Magnificent Health, Wealth, Prosperity And Power In Life. 4. You Will Get The Wisdom, Wealth, Commercial Success And Relief From Disease-Related With Nervous System.

Pitra Dosh Nivaran Puja

This Puja Nullifies All The Issues That May Arise Due To Pitra Dosha.
1. It Will Prevent Any Ill Effects That May Seriously Harm The Person And Their Progeny.
2. It Will Ensure That The Person’s Children Are Saved From The Malefic Effects Of The Dosha.
3. It Averts Untimely Deaths And Sudden Life Threatening Accidents That May Affect The Native And His Family.
4. It Will Eliminate Financial Troubles That The Person Is Likely To Suffer Throughout Their Life.

Bhat Puja / Mangal Dosh Puja

Benefits Of Bhat Puja / Mangal Dosh Puja
1. Removes Dosh For The Marriage.
2. Will Be Relieved From Health Related Issue
3. Career Growth
4. Business Growth

रक्षा कवच पूजा

Benefits Of Raksha Kavach Puja
1.- The Deities Of Raksha Kavach Puja Destroy All The Evils And Provide Complete Protection.
2. – Relief From Fear Of Diseases & Mishaps.
3. – Gives A Protective Armour Against Negativity And Difficulties.
4.- Bestows Courage, Fearlessness And Physical Strength.

भूमि प्राप्ति पूजा

Benefits Of Bhumi Prapati Puja
1.- – One Who Performs This Ritual Gets Divine Grace And Blessings Of Goddess Bhoomi Devi.
2. – Performing This Puja Gives Victory Over Adversaries In Matters Related To Land & Property Disputes.
3. — Gives Success In Legal Matters And Lawsuits Associated With Land And Property.
4.- – This Puja Is Beneficial To Remove The Malefic Effects Of Planets.

शत्रु विजय प्राप्ति पूजा

Shatru Vijay Puja Benefits:
1.-This Puja Is An Inerrable Puja Which Works Instantly When Established In The Household Or Business Premises.
2. Establishing This Shatru Vijay Prapti Puja Will Provide Providential Effects To The Seeker And Hereby Bring Peace And Happiness In The Life.
3. Shatru Vijay Prapti Puja Is Sanctified By The Team Of Expert Pundits And Sages Of Astromantra.Com For The Instant Effect And Ready To Use.

सर्व मनोकामना पूर्ति

Benefits Of Sarv Manokamna Puja
1 .The Puja Is Always Recommended For The Fulfillment Of All The Desires And To Attain Success In Every Area Of Life.
2.The Puja Brings Extreme Luck In Life.
3. The Worshiper Of This Puja Can Fulfill His Particular Wish By Chanting Some Specialized Mantras.

धन प्राप्ति पूजा

Benefits Of Dhan Prapati Puja
If You Want To Attract Wealth Into Your Life, You Need To Sit In A Meditational Pose And Chant This Mantra, And You Will Surely Notice Improvements In Your Finances. When You Chant This Mantra, Make Sure You Imagine Yourself Getting All The Money That You Want.

व्यापार वृद्धि पूजा

Benefits Of Vypar Vradhi Puja
By Consecrating This Puja, One Gets Rid Of The Obstacles Coming In The Business And Also Increases The Business. If You Are Facing Continuous Losses In Business Then You Should Install This Puja At Your Trading Place. Keeping This Puja At Workplace Brings Amazing Wealth. While Starting A New Business, A Business Growth Device Should Be Established At Your Business Site. To Run A Business, You Have To Take A Loan And The Expenses Remain The Same And There Is No Increase In Income, Then In Such A Situation You Should Establish Vyapar Vriddhi Puja In Your Neck. Vyapar Vriddhi Puja Is Considered To Be The Best To Get Rid Of Debt And To Remove The Money Stuck In Business.

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